Feeding Reader’s Recommended Autobiography Books

This week, Feeding Reader is picking some stuff we think you’ll like. While some characters in fiction books can feel ‘perfect’ or too good to be true, real people are far from it. The autobiographies chosen below bring you back to reality. We get a glimpse behind the public face to see the less known side of the author. Comment below on what you think is the most interesting part of reading about another person’s life story.

Shadows of a Princess by P.D. Jephson

Princess Diana’s former personal secretary remembers his eight years of service to her in this insider’s account of Diana’s life during her peak of fame and darkest emotional crisis.

All Things Possible by Andrew Cuomo

A tale of responsibility, family, justice, politics, and grit— Andrew Cuomo, the fifty-sixth governor of New York State, muses on his political rise, collapse, and rise again, as well as the difficult lessons he has learned along the way.

It Takes a Village

Hillary Rodham Clinton detailed her personal and public journey to help transform our society into the kind of village that allows children to grow into clever, capable, and resilient adults.

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